Starting a business in St Albans or Hertfordshire?
Why we’d love to work with you!

Starting a business is an exciting prospect and at Thirteen Eighty Creative Graphic Design in St Albans we really enjoy getting involved and adding as much value as we can to a new enterprise.

We love to be involved right from the start, developing the brand, print materials and website which truly reflect and support a companies ambitions. For us its a real responsibility but also one which we are happy to take on, relishing the possibilities that lay ahead for us and our business partners. To this end we have created some cost effective small business design packages. We hope these will encourage SMEs and startups in St Albans and Hertfordshire to consider us their design partners.

Of course we don’t want this to be a one off. We ideally want to build long term relationships and support businesses with all the design, print, exhibition, website and social media needs that growing enterprises may have, now and in the future.

Why is a good logo important?

A logo speaks volumes about a company but what does it say:

  • A good logo can win trust, a bad logo can lose it.
  • A good logo will establish a professional image, a bad logo may just shout ‘Cowboys!’
  • A good logo shows a caring responsible business, a bad logo can look like no one cares.

In many cases a potential customer gets their first impression of a business from the logo. If it is good they will have an idea that the business is professional and they will remember and be able to identify the company. It may not be complicated, some of the very best logos are extremely simple, but it really needs to be right!

What makes a good website?

  • A good website can be found easily by the people looking for the service it provides.
  • A good website builds trust, is easy to use and provides strong communication for a business and its clients.
  • A good website emphasises the brand and retains the integrity of a business online.

At Thirteen Eighty we are big fans of WordPress websites, indeed our own site uses WordPress as its base. WordPress started life as a blogging engine but in recent years it has grown to become a very powerful Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is Search Engine friendly and cost effective. It can be easily expanded to handle e-commerce, custom forms, video, forums etc and it integrates well with social media. In fact we think its the ideal solution for todays small businesses.

If you are a small business owner or are looking at starting a business in St Albans or Hertfordshire, please take a look at our small business design packages, we genuinely enjoy working with companies from an early stage, our costs are very reasonable, our turn arounds times are quick and we are sure you will not be disappointed, We look forward to hearing from you.

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