3d product visual

Why a 3D product mock-up may be just what you need…

The benefits of 3D modelling in visualisation.

Do you have a glorious idea in your head? Maybe you dream of taking your idea on Dragons Den and have Peter Jones and Duncan Bannatyne fight to work with you?

James Dyson re-invented the vacuum cleaner with a product that departed both technically and visually from the norm. Others just see a great way to refine something that already exists and some create products that we never knew we wanted until they became essential. iPod anyone?

Many people have these ideas but how do you convince other people and get the backing you need if you have nothing to show them? If an idea really has got legs then at some point prototypes will have to be made and tested but that is likely to cost big money.

Thats where virtual 3d mock-ups come into their own. Thirteen Eighty creative graphic design in St Albans have been using 3d computer modelling since we started trading in 2004. Initially we used these tools out of the necessity to plan exhibition space but as time has progressed we have used 3d modelling in every aspect of our work, from identity to packaging and product mock-up.

For a reasonable cost it’s possible to produce realistic visuals that have depth, solidity and deliver a real visual punch. Products can be modelled once and shot from various angles or revolving movies generated. As we come from a graphic design background, a strong branded feel goes without saying.

Of course not everyone is reinventing the wheel. It might just be that you want to visualise your new range of sauces that you plan to sell in square bottles. Whatever the application 3d visualisation is a powerful tool that might be just what you need.

Thirteen Eighty creative graphic design in St Albans are proud to be able to offer 3d visualisation to you.

Please feel free to contact us about. 3d modelling, 3d mock-ups or any other aspect of the graphic design services that we offer in St Albans and Hertfordshire.

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