Moving away from Flash

Introducing our new website

Thirteen Eighty has been established as a creative graphic design agency in St Albans since 2004 and this is our third website and our first non-flash site. Why the move away from flash? Well several reasons really. Flash had a lot of advantages – you could do almost anything given the time and skills but there was a cost…

Flash sites were difficult to build in a way that worked well for search engines so SEO could be a problem. It could also be tough on your computers processor – not a problem on a powerful home computer but on a laptop and more so on mobile devices these sites could slow you down and put a strain on your battery.

Apple has been criticised for not supporting flash on it’s iphone and ipad but this was never a technical issue. Apple had made a stand against the use of flash and now Adobe have accepted that flash is not suitable as a mobile platform. So here we are reacting to the changes in the industry, bringing you a site that is consistent where ever it’s viewed.

You might be interested to know that this site uses WordPress as it’s base. Once purely a blogging engine WordPress has grown to become a powerful content management system used by many big name companies to power their websites. It’s powerful, SEO friendly, very cost effective and infinitely customisable – ideal in-fact to power the websites of the real world today.

We hope you enjoy our new WordPress site.

A well crafted WordPress website can be a great asset to you and your business too.  Thirteen Eighty are now offering some great fixed price design solutions for SMEs and start-ups. Please see our small business design packages.


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